Drugs with prescription
These are the medicines that patient can buy at the pharmacy by presenting a regular medical prescription, on which the pharmacist must stamp, date and price.
There are medicines that can be sold with a repeatable and non-repeatable medical prescription (to be used only once because the pharmacist must keep it in the pharmacy).

Non-prescription drugs
There are drugs that the pharmacist recommends when necessary, for which advertising to the public is not allowed.

These are self-medication drugs that the customer can buy at the pharmacy on request.
Advertising to the public on television, radio and newspapers is authorized for this category of drugs.
They are used for minor ailments without the need for a medical diagnosis.

Galenic pharmacy
Our laboratory is able to fulfill medical prescriptions and produces various over-the-counter and traditional galenic products in compliance with the National Galenic Formulary, following the Good Manufacturing Standards.
We have a wide range of raw materials and modern laboratory equipment.